Dec 17, 2014

Homebase Thera

After finding an easy way into Thera thanks to EvE-Scout, I have spent several days wandering around the system looking at the sights and being entertained by the Local banter. It kind of reminds me of Amamake in the old days when that system was a brawling, chaotic lowsec Wild West kind of a place (it might still be actually, haven't been there in awhile). I love the nebula colors in Thera and exploring the mysterious ruins. Certainly makes one wonder what happened here (and whether the recent changes to and disappearance of Caroline's Star--leaving only an oddly symmetrically shaped glowing artifact--are somehow related to any of that).

After chatting with the EvE-Scout folks, it turns out scouting for them is is a natural fit with what I currently enjoy doing in-game. They have a great project underway: their growing network of scouts scan down signatures in Thera. Those sigs are put into Tripwire, which in turn feeds the Eve-Scout Web site. Scouts also aid people in system by providing intel about camped wormholes and stations among other things. If you'd like some help or eyes getting into or out of Thera, join the in-game channel EvE-Scout and ask for assistance. 

EvE-Scout has some exciting plans and ideas for expanding their project over time. I am thrilled to be involved with such a useful and community-minded effort in these early and formative days.

Anyway, because I enjoy the scouting there and because Thera provides opportunities to jump out and roam to so many other places, I'm going to make it my homebase for the foreseeable future. If you come to visit, say hi in Local!

My little Astero Pocket Rockets is my favorite ship to fly right now. Isn't she pretty? I never get tired of looking at her.

Dec 12, 2014

OOC: The Irksome Visual Challenges of Rhea

Mostly I love the changes in Rhea. Almost everything looks very pretty; the new content and overall changes are great. However, one little thing is having a very big impact on my enjoyment of the game.

That thing is the difficulty of being able to clearly see the boundaries of my chat windows against a black background such as the solar system map (which is displayed frequently when I am probing or otherwise examining a solar system) or the blackness of space. Here's an example:

Keep in mind that I often have a lot more unstacked windows open than what you see here. I can't tell you how often since this patch that I have accidentally closed private convos or other windows because I couldn't easily see what I was clicking on. It is beyond irritating. Prior to Rhea, I could create a custom color scheme that allowed me to meaningfully set the color and transparency of windows so that their boundaries were easily visible. That is no longer an option. Instead we are given a bunch of so-called color themes that are *barely* distinguishable from one another. The new transparency slider makes zero difference against a black backdrop as shown above.

The worst element of the new design is that the boundaries and backgrounds of all in-game windows except the currently selected one are black--except for a few that have have barely discernible faint highlights on the top and bottom edges. For example, my Drones window has these faint highlights but not the Selected Item window. Furthermore, the bounding lines of all windows including the currently selected one are so thin and faint that they are extremely difficult to see. These two issues combine to create a huge amount of visual confusion when I have a bunch of in-game windows open and overlapping each other in random positions. I'm pretty sure it's not just my 56-year old eyes being the problem. It is very simply thoughtless and terrible user interface design.

In case you're wondering, I play Eve on Windows running in a Parallels virtual machine on my iMac 27" with 16 GB RAM and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4096 MB graphics card. It is perfectly capable of running Eve on high quality. Here are the graphics and general settings at the time the screen shot above was taken:

The Sisters of Eve theme is the lightest option available and even it sucks. I am fucking frustrated at no longer having sufficient control over my in-game settings to make the goddam game windows easily seeable. FFS, these windows are central to being able to play the fucking game! How can I play if I can't easily see and manage them? *RAAAAAGE*

I hope that Eve's UI designers come to their senses and give us back some control over how we can configure the in-game windows' colors, or at least the contrast. It's design hubris in the extreme for them to impose their own ideas of color and contrast choices when individual players have such widely varying visual challenges and preferences. There is no good design reason in the world to not AT LEAST permit players to adjust the contrast in their own game client, and at best allow color and transparency customization as was possible before.

And hey, if I am missing something obvious about how to make my in-game windows more visible and discernible from each other, then I'm all ears. 

Jul 29, 2014

IC: Floating in Evati

Transcript (click preceding images to embiggen):

wtf tackled!!!
must be hax cuz i was cloaked!
or...uhmm...maybe not.

29 July

#podjournaling break is over!

Recently I've been doing well on the poker tables. It's my habit to find somewhere interesting to sit cloaked up in my beautiful Astero and simply enjoy the scenery when I am not focused on a hand. I found an old battlefield in Evati that had glorious colors emanating from the structures there. My ship sensors didn't complain so I sat a long while and watched a few faction ships on their rounds. 

Evati brings back a lot of wonderful memories of running with the Bastards when Hellcats was in its heydey. Glad to still be in touch with many old friends from that time.

Speaking of old friends, one popped up out of the blue and managed to convince me to join him in RvB [Red vs Blue]. I keep my ties to SF [Stay Frosty] but RvB is a very good fit in terms of "action when you want it". 

Jun 21, 2014

Slightly Tuned Out

My YC116 Expedition has been somewhat on hold in the last few weeks.

First of all, work life is busy. When you're a self-employed artist, it tends to be feast or famine. I went from having almost no work to having a couple of months' worth of commissions and a few teaching obligations in the space of a couple of weeks. While I have some control of how much time I actually work, I like money. Which means that when there is work in my queue I prefer to get it done before flying around in Internet spaceships.

Secondly, it's summer and that means more time needs to be spent on house/farm projects. And it means there is more stuff I'd rather be doing trail riding or gardening or dragging my plein air gear out to the woods to paint there.

And third, we're having summer frigate smackdown matches in Stay Frosty and I've been hanging around Ishomilken to get my matches done. This kind of slow-motion obligation kinda grates on me...but I hate to forfeit just for the sake getting on with my expedition. Considering who my Round 2 opponent is, I'm pretty sure I'll be out after we have our match. We'll see! We were joking the other day that our mutually shitty internet connections might be the real deciding factor in who wins.

On a side note, an old Eve friend resurfaced recently. He tells me he is having a grand time with a new character in RvB and suggested I join up. It sounds like a fun thing to do with my cyno/hauler alt Sera. She's got about 4M SPs and can fly Stealth Bombers and T1 frigs okay. The question is, does it offer more fun than I'm already having in low sec? Maybe, if people aren't as risk averse. And it will offer regular PvP fixes once Mynxee resumes her wandering. Something to ponder...

See you in space...more #podjournal posts ARE coming...eventually.

Jun 1, 2014

IC: A Distant Voice Goes Quiet

Transcript: Even wandering in w-space, the big events filter through. It seems my old friend Ripard Teg is stepping out of the public eye. The most noticeable effect of this is that he is discontinuing his prolific journaling on matters in New Eden. A great loss of shared info, wisdom, and discussion in the capsuleer community. I do hope all is well and perhaps we will catch up in another venue when I return to k-space.

May 23, 2014

Capsuleers Have an Evil Streak...

...I mean, just LOOK at this photo published on Twitter by Alice Vorpalis at lunch time today right when I was starving. And not a drop of Nutella to be found in-station. Dammit! Time for a quick trip to Jita...

May 21, 2014

IC: Steve's Remains

Journal Spread

Left Page

Right Page

Transcript (because Mynxee has scrawly handwriting):

I arrived in C9N-CC after a few uneventful jumps from HT4K-M where I got into null from a wormhole.
 The baleful and sullen red glow of this system's star casts an appropriately gloomy pall over everything. A suitable grave for a Titan.
Although broken and scorched, automated systems with their eternal power sources still issue garbled information over audio channels and keep red lights on deep in the guts of the wreck. It is eerie; considering the thousands who died here, one can easily imagine legions of ghosts presiding over what was once surely their pride and joy. 
The resources to build such a monstrously huge ship must have been staggering--and yet despite the efforts of salvagers over the years, so much still remains. 

Someone on Sugar Kyle's blog suggested she post source images that inspired or informed her #podjournal posts. It's a good idea so I'll start doing it here, too.

May 18, 2014

IC: Biding Time, Coincidences, Paradox

Note: For the creatively interested, I am using a small watercolor sketch kit made from a repurposed watchmaker's case (Lee Valley Tools). The small tins are filled with artist quality pigments from tubes and allowed to dry. The pigment rewets easily with water. Other items in the kit include a cheap Pilot varsity fountain pen refilled with Noodler's Lexington Gray ink (waterproof), a couple of Kolinsky travel brushes, a lead holder, eraser (not shown), and Sharpie. Add a small container of water and a napkin or paper towel and I have all the tools necessary to sketch to my heart's content. I often take this small kit and sketchbook with me in case the opportunity to sketch presents itself when out running errands or taking a coffee break somewhere pleasant. 

I imagine that even in far future New Eden, traditional methods of making art will persist. As a capsuleer, Mynxee is both dependent on and integrated with extremely advanced technology. This offers an interesting contrast with her human need to express herself creatively using non-technical tools. In her years planet-side while on hiatus, she spent time close to nature in a low-tech wilderness cabin where she had time and inclination to develop her artistic skills. No skill books needed, just practice, practice, practice!

May 17, 2014

IC: Titanomachy

Note: Mynxee's expedition journal is being created in a Moleskine small watercolor journal using a pencil, ultra-fine Sharpie, and watercolors. As I explore, I am either sketching directly from what I see on the screen or from screenshots referenced later. There is a long tradition of explorers preserving their observations and thoughts in journals. Even now in our heavily digitized age, illustrated journaling and urban sketching are becoming ever more widespread as creative observers of the world seek to record their experiences in a highly personal way. Through drawing and writing about a place or event in the moment, one can capture memories, emotion, and essence far more accurately than any camera--even when the nitty-gritty details may be less than accurate. Journal pages can usually stand alone without any further commentary. So it will generally be with Mynxee's journal. Feel free to ask questions in the comments if you wonder about the process, subject or anything else to do with this project.

May 16, 2014

IC: The YC116 Expedition Begins

Note: My old blog Life in Low Sec contained posts written both from a player and character point of view. I'll be doing the same thing on this blog. To make it a little easier to recognize when I'm speaking in-character, those posts will have the prefix "IC" in the title, be tagged IC, and written in third person. Enjoy!

"Sure you're ready for this, Mynx?" Rixx asked.

She smiled and nodded, idly watching crew members prepping Lasher. "Oh yes. After three years wandering planet-side, I guess I'm just not ready to settle into one place yet."

Rixx nodded. "Any idea how long you'll be away"? 

"Not really," she said, and held up a small black journal. "As long as it takes to fill these pages with sketches and musings about the trip, maybe?"

"Charmingly low tech," he said dryly. "Keep in touch, we want to know how things are going. Need anything, you know who to call."

"Of course...and thank you. I'll chat and share my journal when I can. And hey, depending on how the wormhole connections work out -- or for that matter, my luck in keeping my ship and crew in one piece -- you'll probably see me making pit stops in Isho from time to time." 

Rixx  smiled and said, "I'm a little jealous, you know. Running off on a long-term expedition without any agenda or plan has a certain appeal." 

They both laughed. They both knew Rixx was far too responsible to do any such thing. 

"I do have a plan, though," Mynxee said. "The plan is to explore...and profit if the opportunity presents itself. You just never know what or who you might find out there."

Rixx indicated the crew. "Looks like they're done. Be seeing you around, Mynx."

With a warm handshake, he turned and walked away. "Take good care of my cat!" Mynxee called after him. He raised a hand and gave a good natured wave without looking back. Taking a last look around herself, she headed for her ship, journal in hand.

May 15, 2014

Wormhole Wandering

I recently spent a few days wandering through wormholes in a stealth bomber with a sort-of objective of getting close to B-R5RB so I could go see the destruction there. I found a few null sec exits but they were too far from B- to be interesting. 70+ jumps through null seemed a bit suicidal, so I continued my wormhole-hopping.

Then I got stuck. Not thinking ahead, I had brought only a few scan probes with me--five to be exact. Plenty to scan down wormholes quickly so I didn't really think about it until a RL thunderstorm and power loss disconnected me for a couple of hours when I had those probes deployed. They expired and I had no backups. So I left my nicely fitted Hound at a planet for someone to find (I wonder if anyone has claimed it yet!) and took the Pod Express home. Oh well.

Back home I prepped my beloved Rapier for another expedition. The cargohold is loaded with piles of scan probes this time plus ammo, spirits, and a few fun items for amusement's sake which will hopefully survive if I get killed.

I think it'll be an extended trip this time. I truly love wormhole-hopping by myself. I enjoy the scanning process, the surprise of seeing where newly found wormholes emerge, the solitude of solo travel, the sense of being lost in vast reaches that gate travel fails to provide, looking around for unsuspecting victims, and poking around to see what people have left in w-space. I'm surprised at how many offline towers there are. Perhaps I'll eventually find one with something interesting to liberate :P

If I ever do manage to get close to B-R5RB in this circuitous way, I plan to have a nice long look around and takes lots of pictures (as well as not die at the hands of locals). Then I will continue my wormhole wanderings with some new destination in mind. Maybe I'll just blindly stick a pin in the map to choose that destination and then see how long it takes to get there. Maybe I should document my route and the things of interest I find along the way.

It doesn't sound like the most exciting way to play Eve, I know...especially compared to the energy and excitement of pirate shenanigans in and around Ishomilken. But for me, for now, it's a relaxing retreat and as a bonus, is recalling some of the earliest feelings of wonderment I had when I first started playing Eve. Which is, perhaps, what I am really looking for after all.

May 6, 2014

The Paradox

I had the pleasure recently of working with Marlona Sky and Carcusian to contribute a small bit of opening narration to a fantastic solo PvP video, The Paradox (embedded below), that was published the other day. We had a great time and many laughs on TeamSpeak and Skype as I attempted to record the script in accordance with Marlona's vision.

Having been through this process before (as the voice of Aura in Roc Wieler's now-sadly-defunct app Capsuleer and well before that doing short segments of voice narration for CBT courses that I also designed, wrote, and coded for the FAA and other clients), I knew that lots of takes are typically required to nail the narration. I must have done more than 50 takes for this one, trying different inflections, pacing, and minor script variations. Patience is a virtue in the process but it does help to be working with someone equally as patient, focused on quality, and pleasant--and Marlona is all that! When I finally got it right, I recorded one extra take for laughs--the script read in my best Virginia Redneck accent which Marlona posted on SoundCloud for posterity!

I chose not to see the video before it was done and released publicly--it was definitely worth the wait! Although it's long at 22:31, it is compelling throughout. Some of the fights are really close and there is one especially nail-biting one with a Daredevil near the end. Watch it in HD so you can see the often amusing comments in Local chat. It's also worth reading the comments on YouTube because Marlona provides some additional insights in response to questions there.

To those who say solo PvP is dead, I say "Pish!" However, it does require creative thought, effort, and a certain willingness to take risks to get truly exciting and good fights. Thinking outside the combat ship just might pay off, as Marlona demonstrates so well in this video. I love that Marlona used no alts to scout null sec gates (as stated in the YouTube comments). This is solo PvP in the truest sense.

Anyway, here it is...check it out!

Your comments and Likes on YouTube, the Eve Online forums post, Twitter (@Mynxee) and even Failheap Challenge would be most appreciated!

Marlona, thanks for the opportunity to work with you on this project...hope we can do it again sometime!

Apr 23, 2014


While there were always a few Eve players who felt compelled to assert their negative opinions and even outright hate of me, Hellcats, the philosophy behind a women-only corp, my community activities, who I was flying with, and my work in CSM5, the majority of interactions with other players back in the day was positive. As I have discovered upon reconnecting with folks since my return, much of what I did and said as leader of the Hellcats had a strong impact on how others played. Quite a few women have told me that Hellcats inspired them or gave them the courage to take up pvp.

I couldn't ask for a better legacy than that. To be honest, the good press and fans that Hellcats enjoyed always kind of surprised me. We were, after all, a very small corp (I don't think we ever had more than 35 members) that didn't do much but cruise low sec and look for trouble. Yet even after years of being inactive, the corp still inspires wistful nostalgia and positive memories among fans. Something resonated with people, I guess. Which I suppose is why I am now getting earnest requests that Hellcats be rebooted and hearing good ideas for how that could be done.

That would be an interesting effort, but it won't be my effort. I wouldn't mind seeing it happen (especially if done in the same spirit as the original corp) and might even "advise" if asked. But the time and work required to spearhead such a project is for others to invest in who have more energy, time, and interest than I can muster. Yet, I admit that the idea of Hellcats coming back to life makes me smile. It's a good feeling to know that content I helped bring to the sandbox during the Hellcats heyday has had an impact--however small--that persists to this day.

Although I log in these days with a certain sense of remove and casual nonchalance compared to before, the stories created by players continue to fascinate me. If it so happens that the legacy of Hellcats inspires something new and evolved, more power to whomever takes the idea and runs with it. Therein lies the eternal allure of Eve Online...the ability to create an impact at some level of the game and have it endure for years in the memories of players. Such impacts been happening for 10 years across the width and breadth of New Eden and its community. When you think about that compared to any other game, it is quite remarkable*.

* Regardless of mis-steps by CCP along the way and the long list of things in game which still need improvement.

Apr 17, 2014

Old School Solo Shakes

This post is about a solo frigate fight. Such a thing wouldn't normally merit a blog post but as my first solo kill since my return to Eve--and one that was an excitingly even match right up until it wasn't--it is worth note.

So there I was last night cruising around in my Slasher looking for targets. I spotted a Tormentor in a FW plex. Activating the gate, I landed 6K away from him. To my delight, he immediately engaged. Nothing says commitment like being mutually warp scrambled, after all!

Old situational awareness habits started to kick into gear. Good thing too, because it was a blow-for-blow fight right from the start and I immediately had to micromanage my repper and overheating . He got the jump on me taking out my shields but his were also being blown apart. My armor was disappearing rather alarmingly fast compared to his. So instead of micromanaging my top and bottom racks, I just overheated both and figured I'd either get an advantage or die in a glorious ball of twisted metal. My armor began to recover and cap held steady. His armor was peeling off in the smallest bites and it seems he recovered a bit here and there. I had a few seconds to wonder if this was going to be one of those stalemate situations (like one of the best solo fights I ever had, with Dame Death; both of us in faction frigates and neither able to find an advantage; after 10 minutes we called it a draw!). Then suddenly a huge chunk of my armor repped and the Tormentor started taking a ton of damage. My opponent must have capped out--my small neut earning its keep, I imagine. He managed to do some more damage but immediately the advantage went to me and in short order, the Tormentor blew up.

It was close--I ended the fight with 65% hull and 10% armor. If my opponent had had the tiniest bit more cap (or taken the booster in his cargo that he later chastised himself for forgetting), the fight would likely have gone the other way because my repper and DCU had burned out. much for managing overheated mods very well. But in addition to having a neut fitted, I think my rig configuration offered a bit of a tanking advantage compared to his. Anyway, while this fight was not particularly epic, it was fun as hell and the pilot was a great sport about it when we chatted in local afterwards. As a bonus, his wreck yielded some useful loot that will probably blow up soon on of my ships. :)

I love the thrill of solo fights when opponents are evenly matched and the outcome is in question right from the get-go. Nothing offers a more sure way of getting those good old PvP shakes that are so addicting! I know I started having them the second my armor blew off! I was talking about this fight in a friend's channel afterwards and had to laugh at suggestions from others to employ link and logi alts for more solo uberness. No thanks. I don't care how much New Eden has evolved while I was gone...I prefer to get my thrills from old school solo frigate fights that are solo in the traditional sense: one ship vs one ship, not one person vs one person with an alt army backing them up. It might limit the number of good fights I get, and it might mean I die a lot because the alt army practice is so common. Oh well. It just means that when I do win--especially against an evenly matched opponent--the victory seems more genuine and well-earned than bringing overwhelming invisible assistance to sway the odds in my favor. ymmv. 

So, GF, sarhamen, and thanks for giving me the first solo kill of my return to New Eden. Definitely feels like I'm getting my space legs back.

Apr 14, 2014

Stayin Frosty...

It was exciting to log back into Eve last evening for the first time in three years. Hearing "Warp drive active." in Aura's old familiar voice brought up so many memories of good times past.

Hopefully more good times are upcoming because I put an app into Stay Frosty and it was accepted by Rixx Javix this morning. I considered quite a few other offers and of course the pull to regroup with old friends was strong. But in the end, Stay Frosty has a basic philosophy that precisely matches what I'm looking for in New Eden this time around plus a sizable, active membership. I think it will be a good fit.

I had to chuckle at Nashh Kadavr's tweet about it:
harri is in frosty as well?! Wtf, Rixx is like a black hole swallowing up everyone!
I guess people are just going where the fun is!

As I flew through low sec from Vitrauze to Ishomilken, delighted to be back in a spaceship, all I could think was how good things look!  much has changed. Now I need to stock up on a rather large supply of frigates, get used to all the changes, and see what I can do to cause some mischief and mayhem.

Watch your six. :P

Apr 8, 2014

CSM9: I Voted!*

No better way of getting re-invested in Eve than by returning as the CSM elections begin, eh?!

While on hiatus from Eve, I stayed fairly plugged in to CSM stuff. Thus, I don't feel completely at a loss as far as candidate selection goes. However, this is the first time I've voted since the STV system was implemented. Holy shit, it takes some brain juice to put together a personally informed roster! Listening to podcast interviews with candidates, reading blog posts, studying endorsements, following candidates on Twitter, and skimming campaign threads (my eyes glaze over there, I admit) all helped a lot.

Major influences on my choices: informed low sec voices, CSM8 efforts, sandbox preservation, pvp-centric issues, and likelihood that a candidate will step up to the CSM workload and remain visible to and engaged with the community throughout the CSM9 term.

After mushing these imprecise variables around in my brain, I assembled a roster and then voted accordingly. I considered giving slots to mynnna (for good CSM8 work) and Matias Otero (for "Fun Per Hour") but they are likely to be elected anyway by their own alliances so it hardly matters. In case you couldn't tell by my choices, wormholes would be my second choice of residence after low sec so I'm interested to see wormholes have a strong voice on the CSM.

*Yup, resubbed today. Won't be able to log in until I have my new computer set up and software installed; probably this weekend.

Mar 29, 2014

Decisions, Decisions...Not Just Yet

I commented on Twitter that I was returning to Eve in a few weeks. Lots of nice tweets welcomed me back and many suggested corps to consider joining (as did a few private messages). I really appreciate this warm response! But the corp decision is one for the future, as I must first discover how Eve runs on my satellite internet connection and whether I will enjoy the New Eden that has evolved since I was last there.

About that internet connection... My little farm is tucked into a rugged corner on the morning side of the Blue Ridge Mountains. There is no cell service here and only one option for internet service: satellite. I used to play Eve on satellite but it was pretty painful for both PvP and voice comms. Eventually, the service I had throttled traffic so much due to oversubscription that I couldn't even log onto a voice server.

Since then, I've moved to a new service on a Gen4 satellite. Overall it is a great improvement but thanks to the laws of physics, the latency in a satellite connection cannot be overcome. With the old service, I had latency and traffic lag; now pretty much it's only latency affecting things. It remains to be seen how much that affects gameplay. It also remains to be seen how Eve performs these days in light of that latency; it is a vastly different game with many under-the-hood changes in the three years I've been gone. Some of those changes may not play well with latency. We'll see.

Assuming the game is playable on my connection (including voice comms latency which seems a little better than it used to be, based on some recent testing), the next consideration is game enjoyment. After I reacquaint myself with the basic mechanics of doing things, sit in a few channels interacting with folks, have flown around a bit, and see whether the old spark ignites again, I will be looking at corp options. I know from four years of previous experience what I don't enjoy in a corp, so any options I consider won't include:

  • Rebooting Hellcats; it was fun in its day but I desire zero responsibility this time around
  • Corps that impose too many rules, strict ship fits or fleet doctrines, or minimum activity requirements
  • Corps that don't have significant pvp activity in low sec
  • Corps whose members are on average too young in real life age; I'm old and prefer to hang out with groups that include a majority of older people because it simply makes for more enjoyable and relatable general conversation. name a few criteria :P

This time around, my playtime will be very limited on purpose. Real life is demanding so time for gaming might at best be a very few hours a week. That's enough for me. I'm coming back to Eve because I love flying around in spaceships, I love PvP, and I miss the social interaction with that community in-game. But I don't want any responsibility in-game or out. I just want to fly around, shoot stuff and have a few laughs. Any corp I consider has to be on board with that.

Meanwhile I'm watching posts on Reddit and Twitter from corp prospects on my short list. Who those are, I'll keep to myself. Suggestions for others to consider are welcome on Twitter or in the comments.

Aside: A few people have joked with me that my timing is perfect to prep for a CSM10 campaign. Uh, nope. Not gonna do that again. I love the CSM concept and I really like keeping up with each new council's activities but running for a seat holds no interest for me.

Mar 27, 2014

Clone Activation Imminent

"You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave."
-- Hotel California by The Eagles

After being on hiatus for three years, I will return to space in a few weeks.

Much has changed in that time: ship technology, pilot culture, pirating practices, and more. I've kept marginally in touch through various channels but there are a lot of gaps that simply plugging in a few implants can't fill. So I will dip a tentative toe in the water, spend some time having a look around, and focus on getting my space legs back.

Where it goes from there, who knows. I intend to embrace New Eden much more casually than in the past, with decided irreverence and very few fucks given for "doing it right". Thus the title of this journal. My spaceship sojourns will likely involve combat, joyrides, asset relocation, adventures, hilarity, clueless ship fits, kamikaze tactics, and no doubt frequent clone activations. I have neither the time nor the interest to give Eve a very big slice of my life. It is going to be all about the fun this time. I also don't expect to blog as actively as I did with my original (now defunct) blog Life in Low Sec. But when the mood strikes me, I will post here.

So then. See you in space soon...or at the EOH poker tables (where I hope to fund my misadventures).

P.S. Many thanks to Rixx Javix for including me (pictured above) in his delightful collection of Eve Pirate trading cards.