Jun 21, 2014

Slightly Tuned Out

My YC116 Expedition has been somewhat on hold in the last few weeks.

First of all, work life is busy. When you're a self-employed artist, it tends to be feast or famine. I went from having almost no work to having a couple of months' worth of commissions and a few teaching obligations in the space of a couple of weeks. While I have some control of how much time I actually work, I like money. Which means that when there is work in my queue I prefer to get it done before flying around in Internet spaceships.

Secondly, it's summer and that means more time needs to be spent on house/farm projects. And it means there is more stuff I'd rather be doing outside...like trail riding or gardening or dragging my plein air gear out to the woods to paint there.

And third, we're having summer frigate smackdown matches in Stay Frosty and I've been hanging around Ishomilken to get my matches done. This kind of slow-motion obligation kinda grates on me...but I hate to forfeit just for the sake getting on with my expedition. Considering who my Round 2 opponent is, I'm pretty sure I'll be out after we have our match. We'll see! We were joking the other day that our mutually shitty internet connections might be the real deciding factor in who wins.

On a side note, an old Eve friend resurfaced recently. He tells me he is having a grand time with a new character in RvB and suggested I join up. It sounds like a fun thing to do with my cyno/hauler alt Sera. She's got about 4M SPs and can fly Stealth Bombers and T1 frigs okay. The question is, does it offer more fun than I'm already having in low sec? Maybe, if people aren't as risk averse. And it will offer regular PvP fixes once Mynxee resumes her wandering. Something to ponder...

See you in space...more #podjournal posts ARE coming...eventually.

Jun 1, 2014

IC: A Distant Voice Goes Quiet

Transcript: Even wandering in w-space, the big events filter through. It seems my old friend Ripard Teg is stepping out of the public eye. The most noticeable effect of this is that he is discontinuing his prolific journaling on matters in New Eden. A great loss of shared info, wisdom, and discussion in the capsuleer community. I do hope all is well and perhaps we will catch up in another venue when I return to k-space.