EVE Online Art Gallery

In real life, I work full time as an artist who specializes in pet portraits. At the start of 2015, I decided to try my hand at painting Eve characters in a somewhat realistic fashion. I figured it would be good practice. Besides, by charging ISK for my work, I could help fund the startup of Signal Cartel and replace the occasional ship that I lost.

It turned out to be a popular service. I painted a total of 18 portraits during the year. All but one are shown below (the missing one is Cagali Cagali's which features partial nudity and is thus NSFW; you can see it here if you wish). To see the portraits full size, visit this Imgur album.

Although I have had several requests to do more portraits, this project is on hiatus until at least Spring 2016 due to my real-life workload. If I decide to open commissions back up again, I will announce it on Twitter and in a blog post here.

Delivered Commissions
  • Cervantes Marovinjun (Jan 2015)
  • Niraia (Jan 2105)
  • Marc Scaurus (Jan 2015)
  • Makoto Priano (Feb 2015)
  • Zappity (Feb 2015)
  • Klapen (Feb 2015)
  • d0ubl3 rainb0w (Mar 2015)
  • Eija-Riitta Veitonen (Mar 2015)
  • Katia Sae (Apr 2015)
  • Druur Monakh (May 2015)
  • Tora Bushido (Jun 2015)
  • Jamwara DelCalicoe Ashley (Jul 2015)
  • Cagali Cagali (Sep 2015)
  • Xindi Kraid (Oct 2015)
  • Meyr (Nov 2015)
  • Lucas Raholan (Dec 2015)
  • Aram Kachaturian (Dec 2015)
  • Otto Bismarck (Dec 2015)