Jul 29, 2014

IC: Floating in Evati

Transcript (click preceding images to embiggen):

wtf tackled!!!
must be hax cuz i was cloaked!
or...uhmm...maybe not.

29 July

#podjournaling break is over!

Recently I've been doing well on the poker tables. It's my habit to find somewhere interesting to sit cloaked up in my beautiful Astero and simply enjoy the scenery when I am not focused on a hand. I found an old battlefield in Evati that had glorious colors emanating from the structures there. My ship sensors didn't complain so I sat a long while and watched a few faction ships on their rounds. 

Evati brings back a lot of wonderful memories of running with the Bastards when Hellcats was in its heydey. Glad to still be in touch with many old friends from that time.

Speaking of old friends, one popped up out of the blue and managed to convince me to join him in RvB [Red vs Blue]. I keep my ties to SF [Stay Frosty] but RvB is a very good fit in terms of "action when you want it". 


  1. Nice to see you back on track. :)

  2. Hi there friend!
    Was mulling over returning and discovered you had.
    Hope you are doing great!


    1. Ard!!! Yes, well...my account is active (til Nov at this point) but my activities mainly consist of playing EOH poker and occasionally wandering around cloaked in space. Lots of good changes in the game but the culture has "evolved" a bit. Join my channel Flashing Red if you decide to return!

    2. I love you guys, just a few days ago i resubbed and watched my "Funny Quotes" one of my Favorites includes both of you.

      "[03:07:37] Mynxee > ya either get the pirate "thing" or ya dont, babe
      [03:08:00] Honourain > oh I understand, babe
      [03:09:13] Honourain > hmm, run in a wolfpack to say, have pvp fittings.. have a scout and warp to them when in contact with a target?
      [03:10:17] Honourain > am i wrong?
      [03:11:10] Ard UnjiiGo > that's like saying you"get" sex because you know where the weiner is supposed to go"

      Had a lot of fun with you guys o7