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I am Mynxee. I began my New Eden adventures in 2007 with a baby carebear character. Later, after being ganked by pirates in Basgerin, I was seduced by the outlaw lifestyle and took up residence in lowsec. Later, I founded Hellcats (a women-only pirate corp). In 2010, I was elected by players to serve on the Council of Stellar Management (CSM 5). When my CSM term was over, I turned Hellcats over to one of its directors and left New Eden due to CSM burnout, the distractions of real life, and a dead PC. I figured I would not return. But...never say never!

In early 2014, a new computer and recovery from CSM Bitterflu inspired a longing to fly spaceships once more. I logged in, intending to play casually as a low sec pirate. But after short stints in Stay Frosty and Red Federation, I could no longer resist the urge to wander wormholes and explore the vast reaches of New Eden. I soon found my way into Thera, met up with the EvE-Scout crew, and that led to an invitation to serve as CEO for a new exploration corporation called Signal Cartel. Without even trying, I had found a home and an EVE family perfectly suited to my interests: exploration and helping new players. But that was just the start of the adventure, which continues to this day.

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