May 16, 2014

IC: The YC116 Expedition Begins

Note: My old blog Life in Low Sec contained posts written both from a player and character point of view. I'll be doing the same thing on this blog. To make it a little easier to recognize when I'm speaking in-character, those posts will have the prefix "IC" in the title, be tagged IC, and written in third person. Enjoy!

"Sure you're ready for this, Mynx?" Rixx asked.

She smiled and nodded, idly watching crew members prepping Lasher. "Oh yes. After three years wandering planet-side, I guess I'm just not ready to settle into one place yet."

Rixx nodded. "Any idea how long you'll be away"? 

"Not really," she said, and held up a small black journal. "As long as it takes to fill these pages with sketches and musings about the trip, maybe?"

"Charmingly low tech," he said dryly. "Keep in touch, we want to know how things are going. Need anything, you know who to call."

"Of course...and thank you. I'll chat and share my journal when I can. And hey, depending on how the wormhole connections work out -- or for that matter, my luck in keeping my ship and crew in one piece -- you'll probably see me making pit stops in Isho from time to time." 

Rixx  smiled and said, "I'm a little jealous, you know. Running off on a long-term expedition without any agenda or plan has a certain appeal." 

They both laughed. They both knew Rixx was far too responsible to do any such thing. 

"I do have a plan, though," Mynxee said. "The plan is to explore...and profit if the opportunity presents itself. You just never know what or who you might find out there."

Rixx indicated the crew. "Looks like they're done. Be seeing you around, Mynx."

With a warm handshake, he turned and walked away. "Take good care of my cat!" Mynxee called after him. He raised a hand and gave a good natured wave without looking back. Taking a last look around herself, she headed for her ship, journal in hand.


  1. I still hope that during your exploration you come upon an old mercenary organization that just so happens to have a Mynxee-sized hole to fill!

    I'm really looking forward to stretching my woefully weak artistic muscles with this concept. I have no idea where it'll end up, but I can't wait to look back at the pages once it's done. And then start another one.

    1. Oh, I'm firmly planted in SF, but that doesn't mean I can't go wandering in space. If I see y'all in space, maybe, just maybe, you won't blow me to smithereens and we can hang out for a bit!

      The trick with journals is to just start and fill the pages with whatever is on your mind that day...and not be too fussed about how it looks or sounds...because what makes them so wonderful is the sum of the parts at the end! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do--nothing like egging each other on, right?!

  2. OOC: An explorer must answer the call of their heart. My hope is our paths will cross one day as we each explore New Eden searching for something that we will only know when we find it. Until that day, I look forward to your journal entries as you share your talent, your victories, and the challenges that await you. Safe travels.

  3. Glad I finally poked into the forums and found what your writing. Will be following along intently :D. Love to see you all creative people stretch your wings :D.

  4. May I ask how you got that lovely Minmatar-logo inscribed journal thingie?

    Much luck with your endeavours!

  5. Kiku: It's a regular Moleskine watercolor journal which is 5.5" x 8.5". The Minmatar logo was created with a little hand-carved rubber stamp that I made for that purpose. I stamped all the right-hand pages in the lower right corner with the stamp using waterproof ink so that I could safely watercolor over it. Turned out pretty neat if I do say so myself :)

  6. Fantastic job, new handcraft personal project to do all factions ^^ Will start with Gallente, FW roots :)

    Also bookmarked your blog.

  7. Great, thanks! Remember when making stamps that the image drawn on the rubber which will serve as your carving guide must be the reverse of how you want it to imprint. I realized this little factoid halfway through my first incorrect attempt and had to re-do it.