Apr 14, 2014

Stayin Frosty...

It was exciting to log back into Eve last evening for the first time in three years. Hearing "Warp drive active." in Aura's old familiar voice brought up so many memories of good times past.

Hopefully more good times are upcoming because I put an app into Stay Frosty and it was accepted by Rixx Javix this morning. I considered quite a few other offers and of course the pull to regroup with old friends was strong. But in the end, Stay Frosty has a basic philosophy that precisely matches what I'm looking for in New Eden this time around plus a sizable, active membership. I think it will be a good fit.

I had to chuckle at Nashh Kadavr's tweet about it:
harri is in frosty as well?! Wtf, Rixx is like a black hole swallowing up everyone!
I guess people are just going where the fun is!

As I flew through low sec from Vitrauze to Ishomilken, delighted to be back in a spaceship, all I could think was how good things look! Wow...so  much has changed. Now I need to stock up on a rather large supply of frigates, get used to all the changes, and see what I can do to cause some mischief and mayhem.

Watch your six. :P


  1. Good to have you along for the ride and looking forward to the chance to fly together. We have lots of helpful pilots and a strong forum up and running, so should be plenty of help if you have any questions or need assistance.

    1. Thanks...very happy with my decision and lookin forward to fun!

  2. Welcome back, fellow low sec traveller. Hope to see you around Fua constellation sometime soon