May 21, 2014

IC: Steve's Remains

Journal Spread

Left Page

Right Page

Transcript (because Mynxee has scrawly handwriting):

I arrived in C9N-CC after a few uneventful jumps from HT4K-M where I got into null from a wormhole.
 The baleful and sullen red glow of this system's star casts an appropriately gloomy pall over everything. A suitable grave for a Titan.
Although broken and scorched, automated systems with their eternal power sources still issue garbled information over audio channels and keep red lights on deep in the guts of the wreck. It is eerie; considering the thousands who died here, one can easily imagine legions of ghosts presiding over what was once surely their pride and joy. 
The resources to build such a monstrously huge ship must have been staggering--and yet despite the efforts of salvagers over the years, so much still remains. 

Someone on Sugar Kyle's blog suggested she post source images that inspired or informed her #podjournal posts. It's a good idea so I'll start doing it here, too.


  1. Beautiful, yet again! I'm going to have to go buy some Styrofoam plates to get the right consistency I think. Until I buy pens anyway :D

  2. Styrofoam has too much resist to make a good mixing palette...I've had people in my workshops use them and they always get frustrated. If you're gonna spend a dollar, buying a white ceramic plate a the dollar store is a better choice. Watercolors mix very nicely on ceramic and reasonably well on plastic. The reason to use white is so you can actually see the strength and hue of the color you're mixing without it being affected by a color underneath.