Jun 1, 2014

IC: A Distant Voice Goes Quiet

Transcript: Even wandering in w-space, the big events filter through. It seems my old friend Ripard Teg is stepping out of the public eye. The most noticeable effect of this is that he is discontinuing his prolific journaling on matters in New Eden. A great loss of shared info, wisdom, and discussion in the capsuleer community. I do hope all is well and perhaps we will catch up in another venue when I return to k-space.


  1. Nice, very nice.


  2. A sad sad day.

    Thanks for posting this, Mynxee

  3. This really bummed me out. One of the few things I read on a regular basis on the internet as a whole. I guess that shows my age. As a mid 40's person, I do understand that time management and cutting out the things that the joy has left does become a priority. I truly will miss your voice and your courage. It took some asteroids to go through what you have in the last few months. May your path be clear and your sky open my virtual friend - you voice will be missed, but your legacy will remain -and after all, that is what really matters. 07


  4. Ripard will be greatly missed. Thanks for doing a tribute to him.
    I never would have found this blog without jesters trek, Now I only have one eve blog to check every day, and that is this one.

  5. Very cool.

    I feel a great disturbance in the EvE blogosphere... As if millions of voices cried out and were suddenly silenced.

    Ripard was a great asset to EvE, great tribute to him.

  6. I can thank Ripard's blog for pointing me to the blogs that I check nightly while at work (just started this one tonight and your work is gorgeous). As a new capsuleer (November for my miner main and January for my FW that blows all the revenue on blowing up spectacularly) I can say that Jester's trek was responsible for dragging me in even deeper into Eve's universe. Wonderful tribute to a wonderful voice that I wish I had the chance to get to know better.