May 6, 2014

The Paradox

I had the pleasure recently of working with Marlona Sky and Carcusian to contribute a small bit of opening narration to a fantastic solo PvP video, The Paradox (embedded below), that was published the other day. We had a great time and many laughs on TeamSpeak and Skype as I attempted to record the script in accordance with Marlona's vision.

Having been through this process before (as the voice of Aura in Roc Wieler's now-sadly-defunct app Capsuleer and well before that doing short segments of voice narration for CBT courses that I also designed, wrote, and coded for the FAA and other clients), I knew that lots of takes are typically required to nail the narration. I must have done more than 50 takes for this one, trying different inflections, pacing, and minor script variations. Patience is a virtue in the process but it does help to be working with someone equally as patient, focused on quality, and pleasant--and Marlona is all that! When I finally got it right, I recorded one extra take for laughs--the script read in my best Virginia Redneck accent which Marlona posted on SoundCloud for posterity!

I chose not to see the video before it was done and released publicly--it was definitely worth the wait! Although it's long at 22:31, it is compelling throughout. Some of the fights are really close and there is one especially nail-biting one with a Daredevil near the end. Watch it in HD so you can see the often amusing comments in Local chat. It's also worth reading the comments on YouTube because Marlona provides some additional insights in response to questions there.

To those who say solo PvP is dead, I say "Pish!" However, it does require creative thought, effort, and a certain willingness to take risks to get truly exciting and good fights. Thinking outside the combat ship just might pay off, as Marlona demonstrates so well in this video. I love that Marlona used no alts to scout null sec gates (as stated in the YouTube comments). This is solo PvP in the truest sense.

Anyway, here it is...check it out!

Your comments and Likes on YouTube, the Eve Online forums post, Twitter (@Mynxee) and even Failheap Challenge would be most appreciated!

Marlona, thanks for the opportunity to work with you on this project...hope we can do it again sometime!

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