May 30, 2017

My CEO Life. How About Yours?

I logged into my "space job" this morning to do two quick admin tasks: reimburse someone for a corp expense and award a medal. But as always, one thing led to another and this is what I actually ended up doing in the course of an hour:

  • Checked in in Alliance chat and bantered a bit with my Signaleers; always my first step. 
  • Briefly reviewed Corp wallet transactions and Corp Assets (for new 'inherited' assets from biomassed members, which I funnel back into the corp office inventory and wallet).
  • Reviewed War Reports associated with active war decs. Not that we care if our members lose ships, but I like to keep an eye out for loss trends which might suggest a need for more mentoring of our members.
  • Updated the corp description to fix an error spotted by a sharp-eyed member.
  • Updated their membership level for a couple of eligible requesting pilots.
  • Reimbursed an Anoikis Division member for a fuel purchase to feed the citadels.
  • Responded to a nice note from a departing Signaleer.
  • Reviewed applications submitted via our Web site, picked a new one at random to process; declined it for being improperly filled out, sent a note to the applicant to re-submit with brief instructions on how to do it right.
  • Reviewed notifications related to pilots who left corp and updated their application records accordingly.
  • Checked the Medal Nominations spreadsheet and awarded the SuperCacher medal to a member who has sowed/tended over 100 rescue caches. Created a new medal, MegaCacher, for members who've sowed/tended over 300 rescue caches and awarded it to two pilots.
  • Concluded a kill inquiry by annotating the killmail as self-defense. Reviewed the killboard to see if any Signaleers owe me a kill report (required in Signal Cartel when a member kills another pilot).
  • Spoke with potential applicants in our public channel EvE-Scout and answered questions. That little video we released this week has caused an uptick in interest from prospective members.
  • Updated a couple of spreadsheets.
  • Responded in writing to a proposal for a mentoring program from a delightfully ambitious and very experienced Signaleer who has great plans to help our new members find their stride more quickly.
I haven't even looked at our forums or Discord yet today. Think I'll save that for tonight. Maybe I'll be able to undock tomorrow. Or the next day. Or maybe next week. 

I don't know how other CEOs of capsuleer corporations in New Eden spend their time, and I'm kind of curious. If you're a CEO, what's your typical day-to-day activity like?


  1. How long did that take you btw?

    1. Around an hour or so, maybe hour and fifteen minutes. As usual, when it's EVE, it always takes about 5 times longer than you planned :)

  2. Normally before I log in check killboards for our region, and regions of interest. Check our killboard, and reddit. Discord banter/talk is normally going on all day. Plan fleets, and/or scout targets for future fleets. Monitoring all the previous for points of interest or possible future operations. Log in scout/run fleets or encourage folks to undock and shoot things.

    1. It's funny how connected in we stay all day long even though not logged into the game!

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  4. Yes, that's about right. I sign on "quick" at 11pm before bed and finally go to bed at 3:38am. LOL

  5. It's very similar. I log in with the intent of undocking and finding a fight or something. Realise there are buybacks waiting, that I should check fuel level on structure/pos.. which leads me to can I manufacture more, do I have enough moon goo to run the reactions for another week.

    By then I might have received 2 or 3 questions that I want to answer; people wants my reprocessor toon services. Or stuff needs to be moved, so got to handle that (not the hauling, but you know, contracts and stuff).

    I will check our killboard to verify if some kind of mentoring would be needed. Then there's some industry tasks to take a look at (maybe mine, maybe corp).

    And night's over, time to get to bed. As people before me, discord is going all day. I'm up to date on forums, and discord before even logging in.

    I'm quite glad I'm not alone like that... and kinda happy we're a small/medium corp =) I do have trusty helpers tho. It's more the coordinating things that takes time !