Jan 14, 2016

CSM Season *yawn*

In the past, I have been an enthusiastic advocate of the CSM. As a CSM 5 alumni, I always felt a certain sense of obligation when it came to CSM advocacy. But alas, I find myself feeling indifferent about the CSM this year as the CSM 11 election cycle spins up. Some things just take more energy than seems worth it to invest.

Oh sure, I will cast a scant handful of votes for a few friends who are running. Mostly because they still care and I care about them. I'll probably listen to the candidate interviews as part of my EVE podcast addiction. Regardless of who gets elected, maybe CSM XI will turn out to be the term that is the exception to the drama, leaks, deadbeats, burn-out, communications issues, and disillusionment which have so tediously recurred over the last 10 terms. Not holding my breath on that one, though.

I recognize that a lot of good people have done a lot of hard work on behalf of the CSM and as CSM members, despite the obstacles. They certainly deserve our appreciation. Been there done that myself in CSM 5; it's no easy job when you take it seriously. And I recognize that a lot of folks are still optimistic about the CSM's potential. I believe there is potential there, too, but not without some kind of reform. After 10 terms fraught with the same old issues, I'd like to see someone capable at CCP engage with sitting and former CSM members to do a root cause problem analysis, identify practical and useful reform solutions, and implement them. Not holding my breath on that one either.

Anyway, as things stand, it's freeing to let go of that "because I was on the CSM once, I should care" feeling. To those running, good luck. To those pouring energy into candidate interviews, CSM reform advocacy, and CSM work, more power to ya.

As for me...I'll be out in space, scanning for sigs...

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