Mar 8, 2015

At The Quafe Rack

CCP announced a contest the other day for EVE-related artwork submissions. Two winners will be selected whose work will be enlarged, printed on canvas, and displayed on a blank wall at CCP HQ. Not gonna lie, I would love to see my work hanging on that wall!

For my entry, I repurposed my ink and watercolor portrait of Niraia into a Quafe ad poster, with a little play on words:

I'm looking forward to see which submissions the CCP judges choose as winners and hope we will get to see all the entries in some online format. There's a lot of talent in the EVE would be very cool if CCP designated to target blank wall as a curated "gallery wall" of fan art in the office. The pieces selected for large format canvas printing could be supplemented with framed paper prints of other fan art that could be swapped out from time to time to keep the exhibit interesting.


  1. Heh, nice wordplay.

    Trolling mode: OMG you sexist pig, objectifiying women. (Does it matter that you are female? Don't think so.)

    1. Are you the one who sent me all that "sexist pig" hate mail when I was CEO of Hellcats? :P

    2. Nope. Hate mail sounds serious and like a guy jealous he couldn't enter your corp.
      (To be fair, I am not sure if being the male in an otherwise female corp would be awesome or the opposite...)

      My reply here was merely something to provoke a reply or open a discussion. I can imagine that if a guy had drawn this and attached that slogan someone would make a remark like that with a serious face. (Instead of just looking at the art and enjoying the result.)

      Somehow reminds me of George Carlin and Chris Rock talking about context as well.

    3. I am somewhat politically incorrect in my opinion on the matter of objectification because that opinion leans toward the "HTFU" side of the reaction scale. I am not a fan of either zealous crusaders or political correctness police in public arenas of expression because they often end up making mountains out of molehills. That said, I realize there are serious situations in which women have been endangered by objectification and that we benefit as a society by discouraging objectification and providing social or legal recourse for such situations. Day to day in less egregious situations, my stance is that individuals should take responsibility for exercising their rights to ignore, call out publicly or privately, disassociate with , or refuse support for offending individuals and companies. That is what I have done for all 57 years of my life (or at least since I was of an age where I became cognizant of such things) and it is an approach that has served me well. You might also be able to tell that I'm not a fan of mollycoddling people, which I think we do too much of as a society, with the result that there are a lot of people out there who have not been raised to have courage or conviction to be in control of their own lives. It's a completely complicated, intertwined issue and one for which I have no solution. I am one person, I act on my own behalf, I have dealt with objectification of myself directly and don't feel any particular urge to get on a soapbox about it on behalf of women as a whole.