Jan 10, 2015

Eve Character Portraits

In real life, I'm an artist who specializes in watercolor pet portraits, mainly dogs. Like these, for example:

When I was in Stay Frosty and the Summer Frigate Smackdown was posted, I decided to offer a character portrait as a prize...there's not that much difference in painting dogs vs. people.They both involve the same things: accurate drawing and rendering, getting the values right, and so forth. Cervantes Marovinjun won the portrait prize. I was originally going to do an ink and watercolor sketch but decided to do a fully rendered watercolor portrait. Cerv was quite happy with the portrait and talked about how meaningful the portrait is to him because (like any of us who have characters we've nurtured for years) he's very attached to his character. Not surprisingly, I hear the same thing frequently from the pet owners when I deliver their pets' portraits.

I was musing about Cerv's portrait in my in-game channel (The Retreat Lounge) and wondering if there was any market for hand-painted character portraits. Niraia immediately commissioned me to paint hers! We agreed on a slight wardrobe adjustment to show off her *cough* assets a little better. I was really glad when she agreed on pink as it's my favorite color. And...another happy customer!

So, I guess this is a thing then. If you want your character's portrait painted (or to gift a portrait to someone else or purchase one as a prize for your event), click the Gallery page at the top of the blog for more info about this creative service. I'll add portraits there as I complete them. 

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