Mar 27, 2014

Clone Activation Imminent

"You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave."
-- Hotel California by The Eagles

After being on hiatus for three years, I will return to space in a few weeks.

Much has changed in that time: ship technology, pilot culture, pirating practices, and more. I've kept marginally in touch through various channels but there are a lot of gaps that simply plugging in a few implants can't fill. So I will dip a tentative toe in the water, spend some time having a look around, and focus on getting my space legs back.

Where it goes from there, who knows. I intend to embrace New Eden much more casually than in the past, with decided irreverence and very few fucks given for "doing it right". Thus the title of this journal. My spaceship sojourns will likely involve combat, joyrides, asset relocation, adventures, hilarity, clueless ship fits, kamikaze tactics, and no doubt frequent clone activations. I have neither the time nor the interest to give Eve a very big slice of my life. It is going to be all about the fun this time. I also don't expect to blog as actively as I did with my original (now defunct) blog Life in Low Sec. But when the mood strikes me, I will post here.

So then. See you in space soon...or at the EOH poker tables (where I hope to fund my misadventures).

P.S. Many thanks to Rixx Javix for including me (pictured above) in his delightful collection of Eve Pirate trading cards.

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